Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Now That Was Shocking

I wanted to rip my hair out every time Dick Stockton talked about how “shocking” the Warriors’ comeback was. Sorry to be cynical, but the first thing I saw that shocked me was the Warriors missing 8 consecutive shots to close the game.

It’s offical: nothing that happens in game 6 could shock anyone, short of a 70-point game from Baron or Dirk. Other than that, either team could win by 30, and I would not be in the least surprised.


micah said...

WOW! What a game. We finally finished strong. That block that Dirk got was huge along with his two 3s.

Why does Jason Terry become a dirty player in the playoffs? Last year he punches Finly in the nuts. This year he throws down Davis after the whistle.

Stackhouse drives me crazy. He looks a step slower than everyone else. When he drives, I am always expecting him to throw it away or dribble it off his leg for a turnover. He also allowed the Warriors to get some easy baskets by not hustling back on defense. His defense reminds me of the way I play defense - very lazy.

Howard looses his agressiveness in the 4th. Why?

Where would we be without Diop?

I am glad we get at least one more game. It sure is fun to win!

scoots said...

Was anyone else disappointed with Austin Croshere for not baiting Baron Davis into punching him when they got into that staring match after a hard foul?

JKnott said...


You're right, Dallas may be fiery (at times) and whiney in the playoffs, and Micah is right that Terry is sometimes dirty, but sometimes they could use a little well-reasoned "bad boy" tactics. Any time you are a scrub in a tiff with the other team's best player, who is a hot-head at that, you push it just a little. I remember I used to do that sort of thing all the time in soccer or basketball, smart-mouthing the other guy. Not my proudest moments, of course, but sometimes effective.

But you are also right that nothing should surprise anyone in this series, least of all Dallas blowing yet ANOTHER lead.

micah said...

I thought Croshere's foul on Davis was a good hard foul. He really made Avery look good playing him. He hit some big shots and played tough. Someone on the radion pointed out that Baron Davis didn't have a basket after that hard foul. I say someone needs to knock him over when he drives to the basket on Thursday. Nothing dirty, just a good clean hard foul.

ryan b said...

I think Dirk summed the game up best with this quote:

"Obviously," Nowitzki conceded, "it didn't look great there."

micah said...


JKnott said...

This is such a wierd place to be in. Dallas has to pull off a miracle in the first round to advance, but if they do, suddenly they'll be Championship contenders again.

JKnott said...

I mean "weird." Somehow, I've always had trouble spelling that work. What happened to "i before e?"

scoots said...

Yeah, it’s spelling is kind of, uh, weird.

Jeremy said...

Dallas is a 2 1/2 point favorite for Game 6. Clear your calendars for Saturday night, people.

scoots said...

Remember, Vegas odds only predict what people will bet, not who will actually win. In other words, they're confident that half the people will bet that Dallas covers the spread, and half will bet that they don't. Maybe they think Mavericks fans are suckers.

Hmm, maybe I should go bet a load on the Warriors. Then, either way I get to be happy about something tonight. And if I just bet the Warriors will beat the spread, then there's a chance Dallas could win by 2, and I'd be a winner on both counts.

Jeremy said...

It's true that Vegas inflates the line when it believes a slew of homers will throw money at their favorite team. The bookmakers can get any number of idiots to bet that the Cowboys will cover a 14-point spread.

But a first-round playoff series between medium market teams without a single marquee player? Only the professionals are betting this one.

Besides, if there is any inflation happening it should be in Golden State's favor since they are the sentimental favorites.