Monday, March 5, 2007

Can't crack the rankings

I'm kind of bitter this morning, because I submitted a comment that I thought Hollinger would practically have to post on his rankings:

I wouldn't mind so much (after all, lots of people submit these things), except for what he posted instead:
Heather (Austin)
The Mavs can match any teams' style of play. It doesn't matter if it's a solid defensive struggle or a run and gun offensive game. The Mavs can play any style of basketball and still prevail.
It's my impression that pretty much every day they post the most inane, generic comment they can find, usually having nothing specific to do with the Mavericks' most recent game.

I don't get it.

Also pretty silly was the comment they posted for the Spurs today:
Jerry (Phoenix)
The Spurs are playing their best ball and will only continue to improve as they head into the playoffs. Watch out Mavs the Spurs aren't ready to concede the best team in Texas title yet.
It's true, of course, that the playoffs are a whole new game, and no self-respecting former championship team is going to give up on championship hopes. But considering that the Mavericks are (1) toying with becoming one of the two or three best teams in NBA history and (2) showing signs only of improvement, I don't think the Spurs are in a position to concede or not concede much of anything just because they've finally strung together a decent winning streak and a had few blow-outs.


scoots said...

So, uh, figured out that Dallas clinched a playoff berth on Sunday night (when the Hornets lost).

scoots said...

Holy cow, this is a hilarious interview with Reggie Miller.

micah said...

That was great!