Thursday, March 22, 2007

Coming up Roses

You know, at the Garden. Get it?


micah said...

Dude, have fun. I haven't been to a game all year. I usually make 3-4. Hopefully I get a playoff game.

scoots said...

Thanks, I'm kind of stoked. This'll be my second Mavs game in Boston, and I also went to one in NJ when I lived there––the first two were wins for Dallas, so hopefully this will make me 3-0 as a visitors’ fan.

Come playoff time, I'll be extremely jealous of all of y'all who can just get tickets and go. Plus, I don't have any big Mavericks fans here in Boston to cheer with. (Maybe I need to play a trip home in June . . .)

Cody said...

Have fun! I had intended to see the Mavs play the Nuggets when they were here, but I have negative money. Graduate school just isn't very lucrative, is it?

I did go see the Mavs play the Jazz when I lived in SLC. It was pretty cool to find other Mavs fans in the crowd. In fact, I got on TV because I was wearing my Mavs gear.

Is the game on TV? Maybe I'll get to see you.

scoots said...

I don't think the game's on national. My guess is even if you do get the game on tv, you'll have to look pretty close, because we're going to be about as high up as you can get. But we are behind the basket, so we might be just visible when they show free throws. Come to think of it, I'm going with folks from church, so maybe we can take a big “Acts 2:38” sign and try to get on screen.

ryan b said...

Yeah, when I saw this game on the schedule, I wondered if you were going to go or not and even meant to ask you before you posted about it. Are the people you're going with Mavs fans or not? Are you going to take your laptop and blog during the game?

I'll be looking for the Acts 2:38 sign.

scoots said...

It's tempting, but I tend to totally shut out the rest of the world when I'm writing, so probably not.