Saturday, February 10, 2007

Quality Opponents

The Mavericks have lost 9 games this year, each to a different team. Seven of those losses are to 7 of the 8 other best teams in the league (Dallas hasn't lost to Phoenix). The only 3 losses in the east are against the 3 best teams in the east: Detroit, Washington, and Chicago. In the west, 4 of the losses are against the Spurs, Utah, Houston, and Lakers. The other two losses were against the Clippers (7th seed in the west) and the Warriors (23-27, and always a tough matchup for Dallas).

Granted, you don't want to lose whenever you play the best teams, but no one has beaten Dallas twice yet this season. Against those 7 best teams they've lost to, Dallas is still 8-7 on the season, plus they have the two wins against the Suns. So all in all, Dallas is 10-7 against the other best 8 teams in the NBA and 31-2 (93.9%) against the rest of the league.

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