Saturday, February 24, 2007

Rollin’ Along

I didn't get to watch the Denver game, but on a night when both 'Melo and Iverson had nice lines offensively (34 and 26 points on combined 22/41 shooting), Dallas still won by 20 to log 19 consecutive home wins. And Dirk (31/11/8) toyed with a triple-double again, which is always nice to see. (He had more assists than all the team's guards put together, which isn't so nice to see.)

It'll be interesting to see if Dallas still loses ground in the Hollinger Ranking to San Antonio, who beat Seattle by 31. But I don't think anyone in their right mind would rather be San Antonio than Dallas at this point.

Some updated figures for the Mavericks' season:
  • Three win streaks of at least 11 games.
  • Four win streaks of at least 8 games.
  • Average win streak: 7.7 games.
  • Average streak after any given game: 4.7 wins. (To put that in perspective, the Spurs' best win streak this year is 5 games.)
  • If Dallas had lost twice as many games as they have, they would be 37-18, a half game behind San Antonio with the third best record in the NBA.
  • To match their best record in team history (60-22), Dallas needs to close out the season 14-13.
  • Current pace: 69-13.
I'm always terrified of presuming anything for the rest of the season, but it's like someone online (can't remember who) wrote recently: this is a dream season, so it's probably worth celebrating when things are this good.


Ryan B said...

I actually did get to watch the Denver game (one of the few I've gotten to watch this season. I don't have cable, and Abilene rarely shows the games on broadcast). We looked awesome on offense. It just seemed like everything was clicking. But while Dallas did play really well last night, I think a bigger factor in the lopsided score is that Denver plays absolutely zero defense. I think their one of the worst in the league in PAA and also they are one of the worst in turnovers. They coughed the ball up a lot to us (At one point, in the late third? we had 22 points off of turnovers). So while Melo and Iverson can put up a lot of points on a regular basis, the team can't guard anyone and they give up a lot of easy baskets in transition.

Still, another impressive victory and win streak for the Mavs.

Ryan B said...

Apparently, the Hawks don't have much of a defense either.

scoots said...

Yeah, I think that's fair to say.