Saturday, February 10, 2007

You Never Know

Dallas's win over Houston last night (17 straight at home), coupled with Phoenix's home loss to Atalanta, gives Dallas a two-game lead, normally not a big margin in the NBA.

However, over the last 46 games, the Mavericks are 41-5 (89.1%). If they keeping winning at that rate, Phoenix will have to win 18 in a row to catch up. Of course, that would also put Dallas on pace to win 70 games, so maybe I shouldn't get my hopes up just yet.


micah said...

You're right. 2 games is not that big of a lead. However, I think we look awesome. I won't be surprised if we get close to 70.

Has anyone been keeping up with the Hollinger Rankings on It is driving me crazy that the Mavs are not number 1 on that list. Why does this annoy me so much?

scoots said...

Hmm, that just might change after tonight –– I bet it'll be close.

So now, with a 3-game lead, if Dallas keeps up their .894 winning percentage (from the past 47 games), Phoenix would have to go undefeated the rest of the season to match them with a record of 70-12.

You know, I'm just saying.