Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Garbage Time

Dallas left four fifths of a playoff-calibre starting lineup off the floor tonight, and the rest of the roster still managed to blow out the Timberwolves, who were playing without Garnett and who still have a chance to fall behind Sacramento, Portland, New York, and maybe even Charlotte and Seattle for better draft odds, if they can just lose a few more games.

Who do you put in for garbage time (which was most of the second half) when Mo Ager has already played 20+ minutes?

Must have been a painful one to watch, despite the win. Anyone catch it on tv?

In the meantime, Dallas hits 65 wins (see my previous post), a number that has only been matched or topped in the last 30 years by Shaq’s Lakers (once), MJ’s Bulls (three times), Magic’s Lakers (once), Bird’s Celtics (once), and Moses Malone’s Sixers (once). If Dallas wins one more, scratch everyone from that list except the Bulls, Shaq’s Lakers, and the Celtics.

All seven teams won the title that year.

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micah said...

I saw parts of it. Honestly I was more inclined to watch the Stars in their playoff game. However, the parts that I did see were mostly of Austin Croshere throwing it down. So yeah, it was pretty ugly.