Thursday, April 19, 2007


OK, here they are, the 9 best regular seasons in NBA history:
’95-’96: Bulls (72-10)

’71-’72: Lakers (69-13)
’96-’97: Bulls (69-13)

’66-’67: 76ers (68-13)
’72-’73: Celtics (68-14)

’85-’86: Celtics (67-15)
’91-’92: Bulls (67-15)
’99-’00: Lakers (67-15)
’06-’07: Mavericks (67-15)
That means the Mavericks just tied the 6th best season ever.

Interesting to consider the stars of the other teams:
Sounds kind of funny, doesn’t it? Let’s hope it doesn’t still sound funny five years from now (or, more to the point, two months from now).


ryan b said...

Golden State, here we come! Is anyone as worried as I am?

micah said...

put me in the "worried" category, but I still think we win in 5-6

Cody said...

On Page 2 Scoop Jackson interviewed Nash about the MVP award. I know he's won two times in a row and it's probably more interesting to hear what he thinks about winning a third. But...

Dirk is probably going to win it this year and I would like to read a freaking interview with him (even if he does say 'obviously' a hundred times). I want to hear what Dirk thinks about winning the MVP etc.

I'm not worried about Golden State, but I'll sure be watching to see if we play the Suns or the Spurs!